What is The Trusted Adviser?

Founded in 2016 and based out of Perth, Western Australia, The Trusted Adviser is a network of Australia’s best financial advisers, united by a common purpose – advancing individual and national prosperity. Our goal is to inspire more people to work with trusted financial advisers.

What if my adviser isn’t part of the program?

Access to the Trusted Adviser network is for the best advisers. As a result, not all advisers are part of the program. They must become eligible.

How do you determine if an adviser is part of The Trusted Adviser network?

The Trusted Adviser has developed a framework and guidelines for being part of the network. This includes:

  1. Current representative or authorised representative of an AFSL holder
  2. Member of an approved professional association (Financial Planning Association of Australia, Association of Financial Advisers, SMSF Association, Independent Financial Advisers Association of Australia)
  3. No banning orders or disqualifications recorded on ASIC register
Does my Trusted Adviser get paid for being part of the program?

No. Advisers in the Trusted Adviser network are among the very best and by being part of the program, advisers gain access to industry knowledge and benefits to pass onto their clients.

Where can I find the privacy policy?

Our Privacy Policy can be found here


I’m having difficulties logging in or activating my account?

For any technical difficulties, contact us here. We will help us as soon as we can.

How can I change my details including password?

You can change all of your details under ‘my account’ once logged into the Investor Rewards Program.

My financial adviser’s details are incorrect in the portal

Thanks for letting us know. If your financial adviser’s details are incorrect or you are seeing the wrong financial adviser, please reach out to us here and we will rectify it immediately.